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Oklahoma was forced to throw out thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses as the vaccination rates in the state plummet.

The news also comes as Oklahoma’s top vaccine official says we’re not likely to hit President Joe Biden’s Fourth of July vaccine goal.

Early on in the vaccination campaign, we saw so many long lines and packed rooms at places offering the COVID-19 vaccine. That has since changed as the vaccination campaign starts to slow down and shift.

Deputy Commissioner of Health Keith Reed said the vaccination rate dropped from an average of 8,000 per day to 6,500 per day then to just 4,500 per day last week.

Here’s what else you need to know about COVID-19 around the state and the world:

  • Oklahoma reports 80 new COVID-19 cases; total provisional death count rises by two
  • CDC study: COVID-19 infections in vaccinated people are much less severe than in unvaccinated people
  • First big cruise ship allowing US passengers sets sail a year after the pandemic shut down the industry