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It’s been a tough time for most of us traveling this year. Travel experts predict more disruption and chaos to come. Below are some tips to help travelers navigate the system when flights are delayed or canceled whether by staff shortages, weather or other issues.

  • Before you go: Check your flight status before you go to the airport by signing up for the airline’s app and text messages. That way if your flight gets canceled, you’ll save yourself a drive to the airport. You can also put your flight information into a Google search to get its status. 
  • At the airport: Head straight to a help desk to get rebooked. While you wait in line, call your carrier and get a spot in the virtual line as well. Speed is key! Be the first to get rebooked!
  • Get to know policies: What you get depends on the airline and the circumstances. If your flight gets canceled, some will provide a hotel voucher but some won’t! Get to know what your airline provides. 

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Airports across the country are seeing millions of travelers walk through their doors this summer. With travel demand being so high, that means those TSA security lines are going to be long. We’ve got a way for you to skip the lines for free. Click here to find out how.


Many of us don’t apply sunscreen liberally during the colder months, meaning the bottle you’re reaching for was probably sitting in your cabinet for at least a year. Can you still use it? Guess what, sunscreen does in fact expire. Expired sunscreen doesn’t work as well. Here are some tips:

  • Expiration dates: If there’s a date on the bottle and you’re passed it…don’t use it. 
  • Changes: If it starts to look discolored, smell or feel funky, it’s expired. Toss it. 

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Uber is restarting shared rides in a handful of major cities after a more than two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The carpool option called UberX Share, is now available in ten cities:

  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburgh
  • Portland, Oregon
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

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Vitamin, mineral and multivitamin supplements aren’t likely to protect you from cancer, heart disease or overall mortality,the Preventive Services Task Force said in updated guidelines released in the journal JAMA. In fact, experts say, if you are a healthy, nonpregnant adult, there is “insufficient evidence” of any benefits to extending one’s life in taking vitamins like vitamin D, calcium, vitamin A, beta carotene, etc. Click here to read more about the study. 


A national lifeguard shortage exacerbated by the pandemic has prompted communities across the country to cut back on pools and hours. The American Lifeguard Association estimates the shortage impacts one-third of U.S. pools. That means some places are going without lifeguards, which means there’s an increased risk of drowning. Click here to read more about the problem. 

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