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Parents across the country are struggling to find baby formula on store shelves. The out-of-stock rate is at 43%. Rossen Reports is getting answers from the experts on how to hunt down formula:

  • Store brands: Doctors say it’s okay to make the switch. They’re all regulated by the FDA and are safe. If you’re concerned about how your baby will handle it, try choosing formulas that have the same main ingredients in it.
  • Pediatrician: Call your child’s doctor to ask if they have samples that can be given out. 

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Airbnb announced new ways to search for and book homes on the platform in response to the rise of remote work and the number of customers choosing longer stays. One of the new features include the ability to more easily divide trips between two homes when options for longer stays are limited. Another is a search tool that surfaces properties via specific categories, such as whether the house offers “creative spaces,” a chef’s kitchen or a pool. Click here to read more. 


Facebook is shutting down some of its features that track your location. The social media company is sending out emails and notifications that say it’s shutting down the features called “Nearby Friends” and “Weather Alerts.” It will also stop collecting your Location History and the Background Location tracking for those features as well. Click here to find out when the features will shut down completely and when your data will be deleted. 


The next time you want to book a reservation, don’t call the restaurant! An app called OpenTable has a loyalty program that will let you earn cash and money back every time you make a reservation. You can redeem your points for anything, from money back on hotel bookings through Kayak to money back on the next time you eat at a restaurant, to Amazon gift cards. 

How? When you book a reservation, there will be “Dining Points” found on the page. Each one can be worth anywhere from 100 to 10,000 points. After you dine, the points go into your account. 

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Barbie is releasing a new set of dolls as part of its ongoing efforts toward diversity and inclusion. It’s creating the first Barbie with hearing aids and a Ken doll with the skin condition vitiligo. The dolls will be sold in June at stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon. Click here to see what the dolls look like. 

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