WMUR Coronavirus – Newsletter

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Influenza is at a high level in New Hampshire, and COVID-19 is moderately high, leaving Granite Staters trying to stay healthy in the middle of respiratory virus season.

Dr. Benjamin Chan, the state epidemiologist, said New Hampshire has experienced high levels of flu and COVID-19 this season, but they are trending a bit lower.

In mid-January, about 71 Granite Staters were hospitalized and treated for COVID-19 over one seven-day period. That’s the second-highest number since the data started being recorded, but it doesn’t represent the full scope of COVID-19 patients.

“This is specifically a subset of people who are hospitalized and treated for COVID-19 with specific anti-COVID medicines, intravenous medicines like remdesivir,” Chan said.

Since flu season started in October, 31 people have died from the flu in New Hampshire. DHHS said the average number of influenza deaths in a flu season in the state is 40. Chan said the state has seen an uptick in flu-related deaths since 2020-21, and it’s on pace with last year.

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