WMUR Coronavirus – Newsletter

COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in the U.S., but it’s a little tougher to compare this increase to past surges.

That’s because health agencies aren’t reporting numbers like they used to. Here in New Hampshire, we used to get detailed case numbers from the state and reports from hospitals. Testing for COVID-19 has also plummeted. Now, we mostly have to rely on wastewater data, which has shown a dramatic increase in the viral signal over the past month, rising to levels comparable to what we saw in the winter (though still well below the holiday peak).

While the cases and viral signal have been rising, reported deaths have remained low. Doctors said there is no evidence that the currently circulating strains that are responsible for the surge are any more dangerous than previous variants of the virus. Symptoms are typically the same as they have been — cough, runny nose, fever, body aches — and those age 75 or older are most at risk of death.

Health officials said the advice for anyone who gets COVID-19 remains the same. Don’t go out in public, and if you test positive for COVID-19, wear a mask for at least five days to reduce the risk of spreading it. Early use of Paxlovid can also greatly reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying.

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