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Good morning. Last night, JD Vance, Donald Trump’s VP pick, took the stage at the RNC in Milwaukee to introduce himself to voters.

In his first speech as vice-presidential nominee, Vance said, “To serve you and to make this country a place where every dream you have for yourself, your family and your country will be possible once again.”

Seeking to appeal to a larger audience on immigration, Vance used the example of his in-laws, who are South Asian immigrants. “These are incredible people who genuinely have enriched this country in so many ways,” Vance said. “And of course, I’m biased because I love my wife and her family. But it’s true.”

Vance also used the term “illegal aliens” to describe immigrants in the country illegally instead of the more derisive term “illegals” that previous speakers used. The word choice is an example of the overall tone of Vance’s speech, which is much softer than the speech of the man who introduced him, Donald Trump Jr.

The audience response to Vance’s speech was relatively muted compared to other speeches of the night, a reminder that even among Republicans, Vance is still not well known.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, a new poll from the UNH Survey Center shows that of 1,236 respondents, 59%, including 56% of Democrats, think President Joe Biden should withdraw from the presidential race. However, only about a quarter of respondents think he actually will step aside.

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