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Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are the hosts of HGTV’s “Bargain Block.”

‘Bargain Block’ 

It’s Matter of Fact meets HGTV. Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are the hosts of “Bargain Block.”  The couple goes around Detroit fixing up rundown homes while living in them. But this is about more than backsplashes and new fixtures, the two learn a lot about the roadblocks in place that keep nearly half of Detroit residents from owning their own homes. Correspondent Jessica Gomez will have the story.

Note: HGTV Magazine is published by Hearst, our parent company.

Social Media Sensations

A father and son duo, Kyng and Kyren, have a massive following on Instagram as they encourage financial literacy among children. We talk to some kids who are using their lessons in the real world.

Watch Matter of Fact Listening Tour: Promises of Change, where we talked to 2019 MacArthur Fellow Emmanuel Pratt. Find out how he is transforming his neighborhood by making fruits and vegetables more accessible. Watch here.

No More Surprises

1 in 5 patients were hit with an out-of-network charge after having surgery. Those unexpected charges can add up quickly. An estimated 50% of Americans have some sort of medical debt. A new law, the No Surprises Act’ bans unexpected medical bills. Katie Keith is a researcher at the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University.

Also, We’re Talking About

The teacher shortage has school districts scrambling for solutions, even police officers and state workers are stepping in as substitutes.

And what would a 4-day workweek look like? We take a look at countries exploring those options.

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