Matter of Fact Newsletter

Lesia Daniel Hollingshead owns Funtime Preschool in Clinton, Mississippi and is concerned about the worker shortage.

Child Care Concerns

Finding affordable day care is a challenge that has worsened during the pandemic for parents. On the flip side, day care owners are struggling to keep a full staff. Correspondent Laura Chavez travels to Clinton, Mississippi to talk to one family trying to balance it all and a day care owner desperate for help.

A Place to Call Home

An estimated 1.9 women are released from prisons and jails each year.  Many have nowhere to go, and are more likely to be homeless than the general public. That’s where Hope House NOLA steps in, providing women with a place to stay. We talk to the Housing Director Dolfinette Martin and Topeka Sam, the founder of The Ladies of Hope Ministries, about their mission.

Matter of Fact Update

We have an update about an unlikely friendship between a police officer and the man he arrested. Correspondent Jessica Gomez has their story that began 30 years ago. Watch here.

We’re Also Talking About

Thousands of Afghans are adjusting to life in the U.S. We’ll show you how you can become a sponsor.

What happens to that hotel soap when you check out? Find out how one man’s hotel stay inspired him to help Clean the World.

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