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State Senator Kim Jackson was a victim of swatting.

“It really did terrify me.”

State Senator Kim Jackson is just one of several Georgia lawmakers who found police on their doorsteps with guns drawn. They are victims of swatting. That’s when someone makes a prank call to 9-1-1 claiming there is violence or an active attacker on the scene sending a large police presence to a particular address. Now, the bipartisan effort to stop these calls has paid off. Correspondent Dan Lieberman has more from Atlanta.

Disagree Better

The public fighting between lawmakers is fueling voter apathy. Pew Research Center shows some Americans’ thoughts here. Utah’s Governor Spencer Cox has a plan to stop it. As chair of the National Governors Association, he has launched an initiative called “Disagree Better” in hopes of having more respectful dialogue. He talks to Soledad about how it works.

An Unlikely Friendship

You don’t expect a story that begins with an arrest to end with a friendship, but that’s the case for Dana Marsh and Gerrel Jones. Marsh was a young police office when he arrested Jones. That first meeting created a bond that has withstood a murder trial and prison and lasted for decades. Correspondent Jessica Gomez has more on their connection in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Lawmakers are also uniting to regulate prescription drug pricing and crack down on who exactly determines what you pay at the pharmacy. We’ll show where those changes are happening.

We’re giving you a closer look at some amazing art that’s spreading awareness at the same time. The Crochet Coral Reef Project was created by twin sisters. Find out where you can see their newest exhibit.

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