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Soledad talks with Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab.

Voting Rules

Scott Schwab is the head of the National Association of Secretaries of State and the Secretary of State for Kansas. He’s tasked with overseeing elections in his state and wants to make sure the process is fair and transparent. He talks to Soledad about his plans for this year’s presidential election. Watch here.

“My education stopped in eighth grade.”

Samantha Field was homeschooled and regrets it. She’s now works for a nonprofit advocating for the regulation of homeschooling. Correspondent Dan Lieberman travels to Michigan to talk to her and also the families who are homeschooling their children. Watch here.

The Marriage Penalty

They have the commitment and the venue. Gabriella Garbero and Juan Johnson are ready to get married. But there’s a catch: Gabriella has disabilities and she risks losing her caregiver and government-funded insurance if she marries. Producer Teresa Krug traveled to St. Louis to see how the couple is fighting against the so-called “Marriage Penalty.” Watch here.

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