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Sunni Rudd has gone viral with her videos demonstrating how to make healthy food on a budget.

TikTok Chef

“It uses all WIC-approved ingredients.” Sunni Rudd is an accidental chef. The young mother is one of more than 6 million people who depend on WIC, or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Low-Income Women, Infants, and Children, each month. It’s a voucher that allows families to purchase certain foods from the grocery store. The list can be limiting and challenging. That motivated Sunni to take to TikTok and post her recipes. Correspondent Jessica Gomez goes to New York and talks to Sunni about encouraging families to make creative and healthy meals.

Fair Housing Fight

Starter homes are averaging $300,000 these days. That’s not within reach for many families. Housing prices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are not as steep, but real estate investment firms are buying blocks of homes. That’s keeping first-time homebuyers from reaching their dreams. Correspondent Dan Lieberman talks to affordable housing advocates who are now competing with those firms to make homes more affordable.

A Written Guarantee  

It’s been nearly two hundred years since the United States signed a treaty promising the Cherokee Nation a seat in Congress. That promise has never been fulfilled. Now, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. says it’s time for the U.S. to make good on its word. Special Correspondent Joie Chen travels to Oklahoma to learn more about his mission.  

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It’s a park for everyone. We take you on a guided tour of the Autism Nature Trail, dedicated to giving people in the neurodivergent community a fun way to explore the outdoors.

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