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There is a land battle at the Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge.

Unlikely Partnership

The Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge in Georgia is a safe haven for the wood stork. However, the land the refuge sits on once-belonged to a community of Black landowners whose descendants want to return home. So how did that happen? Special Correspondent Joie Chen has more on the history of the land and how the refuge is stepping in to help. Watch here.

America is on Strike

4.1 Million days of work was lost in the month of August. Why? Because American workers are going on strike. Soledad talks to Jeff Schuhrke, Ph.D., the Assistant Professor of the school of Labor Studies at SUNY Empire State University, about the future of work and the fight for labor rights. Watch here.

Psilocybin Therapy

Psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in Magic Mushrooms, is now available to the public in supervised settings in Oregon. Those who say the drug paired with talk therapy helps with mental issues, say this is a major victory, while researchers are hesitant to back the method. Correspondent Jessica Gomez explores the treatment. Watch here.

Watch Jessica Gomez previous story about veterans turning to Psilocybin therapy and becoming advocates for it here. BONUS: Watch Jessica talk to Soledad about what she’s seen while covering these stories here.

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