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TRU Colors Brewery takes a new approach at fighting street violence by employing active gang members.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees fled the Taliban’s takeover last month. Now, they’re looking for somewhere to settle down, including here in the U.S. But it’s not as easy as walking off a plane. Correspondent Laura Chavez shows us how a refugee center in Texas is preparing for the surge of new arrivals and what happens after refugees step inside. 

Balancing the COVID Checkbook

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. But much of the pandemic financial aid has now expired. The federal government isn’t sending more stimulus checks, the federal eviction moratorium is over, federal unemployment benefits have expired, and student loans are coming due in just a few months. Soledad talks to an expert from the Brookings Institution about what happens next for those who are still struggling. 

COVID Headlines From This Week:

Pour Me A Cold One 

Buy a beer; help stop gang violence. A brewery in Wilmington, North Carolina isn’t just crafting a new lager, but also new opportunities for those in their community. Correspondent Jessica Gomez introduces us to the brew masters of TRU Colors.

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